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education, $4.8 billion, the equivalent of three weeks of school. nannette miranda is live in sacramento with more on this story. >> reporter: call it the big oops. governor brown was planning to unveil his new budget proposal next week but it was posted online mistakenly. it has accounting maneuvers that solved a smaller $9.2 billion deficit. >> the governor's budget spal mixed bag. using charts to show how much of the deficit has been eliminated he says the state is on the right track. >> the good news, california is recovering. the fiscal health of the state is improving and we now have a plan. >> reporter: but more needs to be done and he seize deeper budget cuts are necessary. welfare would be hit the hardest. nearly a billion and a half
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dollars less, cutting cal from four years to two years and slashing aid to children. health coverage for the poor is slashed $842 million and reducing child care subsidies by 71,000 before parents will save the state $450 million. >> when you say we don't have enough money and we have to cut. we have to bite the bullet. >> we're not going to jump to that. cutting should be a last resort. >> reporter: he wants to avoid bigger cuts by raising taxes for five years. $7 billion by asking voters to approve a half percent hike on the sales tax and surcharge on individuals making more than $250,000 a year and families making more than $500,000. more for millionaires.
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republicans think voters will reject it given the record in recent years. >> they turned down all those measures, so will they be in the mood for this when they see high speed rail? >> we need enough revenue so we don't have to cut welfare in order to balance the state budget. >> reporter: if the governor's tax plan doesn't get approved by voters in november, another $5 billion will be cut from the budget, much of that being taken by schools that is equivalent to shutting the school year by three weeks. thanks very much. the occupy oakland protestors tried to occupy the mayor's office this afternoon and they are furious they were locked out. jonathan bloom joins us live with the newest developments. >> reporter: you know, protestors didn't manage to occupy city hall but they did
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manage to shut it down for a period of three hours all the way up to closing time to 5:00 in the evening. the protest today was demonstrate anger over the removal of their tents and tables at the plaza and what they characterize as unnecessary physical confrontations. protestors have taken to videotaping the police of every encountered. >> okay, why didn't you tell me that? >> they shot the video just before he was hauled off to jail. it was part of the police action to clear out occupy demonstrators after authorities revoked their permit to protest in front of city hall. >> we were held in the back of the van and two people had their handcuffs so tight, it was like
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torture. it was more and more painful. >> protestors say they are getting fed up. another demonstrator showed with bruises on his back and video throwing him to the ground. they were trying to remove a tepee after police heard they were sleeping and eating in it. >> demonstrators ariachkd to occupy the mayor's office to get answers but police blocked them out of city hall. >> the mayor and city manager did not request for comments for the protestors that call a violation of their city rights. >> our taxes pay their salary. we have every right to do this. >> police led a three person delegation to talk to city staff. >> we ask there will be some
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period of setbacks from police actions in order to allow some building of trust. >> while they spoke on the steps they were captured by a cellphone camera and taken a protestor into custody. >> they brought him into city hall. >> reporter: protestors say there have been a couple of arrests this evening but for the moment police are not going on the record to confirm that. thank you. occupiers in san francisco have shifted their focus from the former encampment to the city's neighborhoods. they are meeting with community groups to organize demonstrations such as the one that took place today in front of a bank of america in the bernal heights area. that included senior citizens, some of them in wheelchairs. they held up signs demanding that bank of america stop evicting their neighbors.
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>> they helped themselves to the bailout money. >> you are going to see a lot of this local community involvement. we're going hit the banks hard everywhere. >> in a statement, they said it half modified more than 200,000 mortgages in california since the housing crisis in 2008. tonight, the catholic church could be facing a wave of sex abuse claims state supreme court heard arguments in what could be a precedent setting case. >> reporter: dan the supreme court must decide whether time has run out because of a statute of limitations man men that want to sue are too old. they are now middle iamgd. supporters say there should be no deadline. >> tim says he was abuse abused when he was a young boy by a
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priest but it took him 30 years to come forward. >> it causes severe injury, that has crippling injuries and sometimes you don't understand that. so decades later you understand it. >> he had snap, he came to the california supreme court where the justices are deciding shout too late to bring a clergy abuse lawsuit. it involves the late reverend who was stationed in hayward. six brothers say he molested them during the 1970s but they did not link that to psychological problems in 2006. that was three years after the california legislature extended the statute of limitations and opened a one year window in 2003 for victims to sue. the spokesman for the oakland diocese believes that means time is up. >> that statute of limitations in 2003 opened up that
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opportunity gave hundreds and hundreds of people throughout the state their day in court. all but several of those cases were settled including many that included the diocese of oakland. >> he says the church has paid out millions. >> we accepted long ago, as did most other diocese in the united states, the responsibility where there are victims. >> reporter: if the justice rules the brothers are barred from suing, that could stop another wave of clergy abuse lawsuits. they say it wasn't until 2007 that she remembered being molested by a san diego priest as a little girl. >> they can try to put a statute of limit oigszations on it but that is never going to take away what they took away from us. >> reporter: two lower court rulings issued conflicting decisions so they turned to state supreme court for clarity. the justices are expected to rule within 90 days.
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>> dan: thank you. police are looking for additional victims in a sexual assault case involving a san francisco school bus driver. he has been ordered to stand trial for at molestation of two young girls, both 11 years old and both with special needs at school. one of the cases dates back eight years and police think there could be other victims. things are getting better for folks living near a broken oil pipe. there was no rotten egg smell this afternoon, at least but as laura anthony reports, it has been a cause for concern. >> it's an odor that those that live near the work site would rather live without. two months after a crude oil spill that is part of the old concord naval station, that awful smell has returned. >> as soon as i walked outside, it was like a wall of odor. >> another problem but it's just
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a smell and it's going to be okay, that is good news. >> the original stirl spill happened from a pipeline owned by conoco phillips. some work was done to patch the hole but that was suspended during the holiday. earlier this week when work crews removed the tarp to cover the hole, the strong sulfur smell was back. >> they are still cleaning up the oil and debris and saturated soil there. they tarped it and some odors could have accumulated under the tarp. >> reporter: a spokeswoman said the cleanup efforts associated with the leak are ongoing. once in a while we may hit a pocket of dirt that produces an odor. it's bean monitored by the air quality management district. >> it is unpleasant and causing
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some discomforted in some residents and they have a contract with cornoco phillips and they are aware of it. >> it wouldn't pose any health hazard but the work is expected to go for a week. still coming up, trouble under the hood for the electric chevy volt. gm says "abc 7 news" the fix you'll need. >> and military pays tribute to three local airmen, a thanks to the dirty work they performed in afghanistan. >> you've got the new e-reader, now what? i'll show you h h h h h h h h hh
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world war ii veteran and retired police officer was parental justified when he shot an intruder in his marin county home yesterday. he shot a 30-year-old man who broke into his home. police are still investigating but our legal analyst he should be protected by california's self-defense laws. >> what the make my day rule says, if someone unlawfully enters your residence, it's presumed that they are there to use deadly force and therefore as the homeowner you are presumed to have the right to respond. >> he wasn't the only one with a gun yesterday. the intruder fired back and shot him in the face. both men are recovering at marin general hospital is. >> a berkeley biotech company
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said they will lay off 84 people. 50 skro jobs will be eliminated right away. zoma makes antibodies to treat infection. they plan to focus on particular acne treatment and out source the rest of its work. >> general motors said today it will make refiarsz fiers the electric cars or volt. 8,000 will have to be returned for dealerships for modifications that should help them from preventing fire after an accident. david louie is live at silicon valley car show with the story. >> reporter: there have been three fires occurring days to weeks after the volt was subjected to impact crash tests at a federal zblab this is video of those tests done last may by the national transportation safety administration. a coolant pack was punctured. it started a fire. the coolant is used to keep the
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battery operating in extreme temperatures. gm says the intent is to assure owners that their vehicles are safe. >> we're going to reinforce the pack itself but going to put a monitor into the system that monitors the level of that coolant and tamper proof lid to help prevent the fluid coming out in the event of an incident. >> it's a major attraction at the auto show along with the dakota sedan. priced at $39,000 they will be available this spring. news of the volt's battery problems hasn't done anything to dampen interest in the vehicles. >> are you concerned about the electric vehicles? >> no, not really. anything can happen. sure, freak accident, not my
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concern. >> reporter: rick curtis has seven years experience in selling hybrid cars. he thinks one important step was forgotten after the federal crash tests. >> the protocol, normally when you an electric car and you do have an accident, you need to disconnect the battery. >> fuel economy features and design remain top priorities, so has comfort. >> i'm 6'7" and i still fit in it. the question is would i be comfortable 400 miles down the road? >> gm says the modifications will be done over the next month. the automaker says it will buy back any cars by owners that are still concerned or offer them loaner cars. >> dan: sandhya patel is here to talk about the weather.
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the hunt for rain. >> i have still not seen any signs of rain any time soon. the storms are kicking up the surf. we have a high surf advisory that went into effect. we'll talk about that in a moment. live picture from the high definition mount tamalpais camera. as we look across the bay, lovely view looking back towards san francisco. visibility is looking good but by morning we may have limited visibility in spots with patches of fog and certainly low clouds along the coast and around the bay. today, we have some records to talk about. it was 67 degrees in oakland. santa rosa, 70 degrees. you can see it's unseasonably warm like livermore, 70 degrees. 66 san jose. 67 fairfield and 66 in cloverdale. temperatures are running about 5-10 degrees above normal in most locations. numbers right now in the 50s and
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the 60s. here are the highlights. low clouds and fog coast and bay. breezy and cooler tomorrow. sunny and milder weather beyond this weekend. let me show you the high surf advisory, continues until 6:00 p.m. friday. these are the wave heights. monterey, you can see waves have come up to 16 feet out of northwest. those swells from 13-16 feet through tomorrow night. large waves and strong rip currents. a dangerous situation. here is the front that came through. no rain for us. few high clouds in the bay area but that about it. high pressure is building and we're going if see the northwest breeze picking up tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will cool as a result of a little more of an onshore flow. low clouds and fog with a combination of the two will drop the numbers as we head into the friday afternoon.
6:20 pm
we'll see occasional high clouds tomorrow morning, as well. tomorrow, mid 30s in santa rosa, fairfield. some of the coldest locations, 38 in livermore. 39 in concord. upper 30s for morgan hill and santa cruz. areas of low clouds and fog first thing in the morning. so if you are commuting tomorrow morning or getting away for the weekend you may want to keep that in mind. tomorrow, winds up to 20 miles an hour. temperatures will be in the 50s along the coast and around the bay. a few low 60s in santa rosa, napa, concord and around the monterey bay. cooler, mid-50s to low 60s around gilroy. here is a looks at accu-weather seven-day forecast, it's breezy tomorrow, temperatures trending down but they will bounce back up over the weekend. plenty of sun and really a dry pattern as we look into next week with low to mid-60s. no major changes. we're going into what?
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january 6th and no rain. >> dan: coming up next, the bison died after an attack by a canine injured her. >> some people are having second thou
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small unleashed dogs that got into the enclosure. he ran into a feansd suffered three broken ribs and gash on its left side. they found the dog's handler trying to coax them out of the enclosure. >> they all stay together. there was about seven of them. they are alleges together. one buffalo came back into a pen over here and was by itself. >> dan: dog handler has been cited for animal disturbance and failure to use a leash. a post more tell confirmed the injuries were consistent. >> cheryl: santa cruz has the strictest plastic bag bans in the areas of the county. liberal city of santa cruz has not a ban but the county has one. that measure would include restaurants and that has
6:25 pm
prompted opponents to sue the city. >> there is a safety issue. you have hot oil and food and it spills it going right flew a paper bag. people have been injured because of that kind of thing. >> cheryl: the county says the lawsuit is forcing them to reconsider the ban. they may drop the restaurant portion of the ordinance. board will review the ban later this month. >> dan: when we come back tonight, new at 6:30, an official saluted for three northern california heroes. >> cheryl: also tonight, why rick santorum wants to abolish san francisco's federal appeals court. >> dan: michael finney reveals how you can use your new
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>> cheryl: the nation's fiscal crys is leading to a leaner military. the military budget grew an extraordinary pace after the september 11th terrorist attacks and now things are different. >> our military will be leaner but the world must mos know that we will maintain our military forces and ready for the full range of contingents and threats. >> cheryl: the specifics as to how much will come out in the budget in the next coming weeks but it will be small earned a refocused on certain regions, namely the asia-pacific. >> we will invest in new capabilities to maintain a decisive military edge against a growing array of threats.
6:30 pm
>> cheryl: pentagon is looking at about half a billion to one trillion in cuts over the next ten years. president says he is ready for criticism that the cuts are too severe but the budget is still larger than the next ten countries combined. >> dan: while the pentagon makes changes, the men and women that search for roadside bombs will continue. four of those injured were honored by travis air force base. here is wayne freedman. >> reporter: they are the injuries that ronnie described to his daughter much later. >> for me the injury, i lost a left ear and left arm, rocks and sand embedded in my skin. >> i got knocked out. also the hearing in my left ear. >> does it sound like a pattern. here is brian?
6:31 pm
>> in the neck, i cracked the vertebrae and got misaligned so they had to fuse two vertebrae together. >> it explains this overflow crowd at travis air force base. every man and woman to see the oldest military honor. the purple heart. >> i think one award that nobody wants because you got to get hurt or die. >> we are honoring heroes. >> all of these men specialize in disarming those small weapons that have killed so many servicemen and women in iraq and afghanistan. they prefer this duty and expect to go back. one has staid has had five deployments. >> does he tell you what is going on over there? >> he does a little bit but he
6:32 pm
keeps a lot inside. >> i know in i do my job very well. i'm there to save lives. >> in this crowd, that is what one would expect to hear from a purple heart winner. >> what is the difference now being a purple heart winner? >> not much, go back to my job and do the same thing every day and keep trucking. >> dan: congratulations. on campaign trail, republican rick santorum called for the federal appeals court based in san francisco to be abolished. he wants the 9th circuit court of appeals to be dissolved. maybe we can a court that can put them in guam or something like that. the 9th circuit includes guam but also nine western states. santorum finished 2nd in iowa and raising $2 million in just
6:33 pm
the past two days. don't forget the candidates will debate in new hampshire ahead of the primary next tuesday. it's the only place you can see it live is right here on saturday night at 6:00. >> cheryl: if you received an e-reader for or smart phone you know you can load lots of books. >> dan: and there are better ways to get e-books for free. >> cheryl: michael finney is here to explain. >> reporter: we know you can get one with credit card but you can download them if you have a library card and those books are free. >> david has been an avid reader but more so now that he bought new electronic reader. >> i've been reading pretty much every day. >> buying the books cost from
6:34 pm
5-30 dozen average but his kindle is loading books for free with this. ace alameda county library card. >> within five to ten minutes i had it ready to read. >> now they offer thousands of e-books to borrow for free. alameda county election is on the laptop and in seconds the book appears on kindle. it will stay there three weeks and automatically expire. no worry about paying fines for overdue books. >> it just opens the door for a lot of more possibilities to read different kinds of books. >> overwhelmingly they love it. they love to have access to free e-books. >> trent is the e-book librarian and he offers 14,000 titles and workshops on how to plug in. >> it's not the easiest system to use so it takes a little bit of time and effort.
6:35 pm
>> how to depends on what kind of reader you have. kindle requires setting up accounts with amazon and the library. wired e-books go to amazon and then on to your kindle. with an ipad or nook you have to have a free app for reading. it goes directly on the ipad but with the nook you need to plug night a laptop and drag the book over. >> it can be complicated so we are here to help out. >> libraries aren't the only place with free books. david finds them on websites. you don't need a card and they are yours to keep. you won't find best sellers here. these sites offer classics with expired copyrights so they are in the public domain. great books like war of the worlds and pride and prejudice. >> within seconds he has wid
6:36 pm
wizard of oz on his kindle. >> i didn't know there were so many free books out there. it is good to know. >> reporter: public libraries only buy a certain number of copies so there are limits, one person, one book at a time. i posted a link that can check with your local library. go to >> that is a great service. coming up next. at&t answers the complaints of bay area smart phone user. >> dan: by flipping a switch on a lightning fast new technology.
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>> cheryl: first elected spanish district attorney. he took the oath of office at mission high school. he chose the location because of the significance to the hispanic community. gascon was appointed district attorney a year ago to replace pamela harris. he won the four-year term in november. >> dan: job market looks a little brighter. first time unemployment applications dropped to 372,000. many saw business plan to hire workers. holiday sales were solid. macy's and nordstrom but target
6:40 pm
pennies and gap slashed their profit forecast. barnes & noble said today it might spin off the electronic book business. nook readers have not been competing well against the competition. >> cheryl: at&t switched on the new service that will give mobile customers blazing fast broadband service. it's now available in many bay area city hall, including san francisco, san jose and oakland. it allows users to download data ten times faster, in some cases faster than a home internet device. >> you are going to be streaming video, streaming video and gaming. >> cheryl: they also added 14
6:41 pm
new cell sites to improve service in several neighborhoods. >> dan: on the aisle is next. angelina jolie's new movie. >> plus, how teamwork saved a man's life on september 11th. a blind man shares
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>> dan: michaels hernson of novato is hero of a best-selling book and he is also blind. he survived the world trade center attack on 9/11. a blind man teaches us what vision really means. >> michael and his dog have no problem with escalators. he has been blind since birth. on this day he is speaking to the california state association of counties. he is telling the government leaders how he finally convinced a computer company to hire him as salesman. >> because of a blind person, i have had to sell all my life to be able to function. i had to sell to be able to ride
6:45 pm
a school bus. i had to sell to be allowed to go on an airplane with my guide dog. >> i ran the office. i had staff. we did lunch every so often. >> ten years ago he was working at trade center when terrorists flew one of those planes into the building. his co-worker could see fire out of the window. >> we said goodbye to other. >> dan: the guide dog was there, too. people begin to panic. >> i knew something else that nobody was observing that my dog was not acting afraid or she was nervous in any way. >> dan: that was enough to help calm other workers. he told the story down the stairs hundreds of times. one of the worst moments when they finally got outside. >> we heard a rumble. >> tower two collapsed.
6:46 pm
dust cloud engulfed them. now, no one could see. they could hardly breathe. they moved into a building that was just to the right. >> i said get going right. right. i was going to the opening, if there was an opening to go in to she turned around took one step to the top. >> it turned out there were in a subway station. the abrupt stop them from falling and then she guide them down to safety. >> it's teamwork in every sense of the world. >> dan: he lives in novato now but travels the world and talks about the importance of teamwork. sadly the dog died at at age of 13. now a new dog is helping michael advocate for the blind. >> we live in the country where the unemployment rate among blind people is 70%. >> he has a masters and written a best-selling book. he and his dog were celebrated
6:47 pm
as heroes but it's not unusual with a little help from a good dog and good technology. >> this device here is caught a notater. the handicap consists of misconceptions that pream have about blindness. >> dan: remarkable. he has started a foundation in the dog's name in technology for the blind. for a link to that foundation and where to find his book, go to click on see it on tv. what a lesson. >> cheryl: he is such an inspiration. all right. last look at the weather. >> dan: sandhya is here. >> i want to show you a view. that was sent in by one of our viewers. you can see the contrails crisscrossing over san francisco. please keep the pictures coming. we love to show them on tv.
6:48 pm
we do have temperatures that are going to be temperatures coming down. more of a marine influence. first thing tomorrow morning, a little more of an onshore flow. winds coming off the ocean. temperatures coming down in the upper 50s, around the coast and bay. we'll see a few low 60s, santa rosa, napa, santa cruz but certainly not going to see the 70s that we saw today and no record heat expected tomorrow. it's a breezy, cooler day on friday, but milder as we head into the weekend. plenty of sun and rain free as we head into next week. we need the rain. we're running at about 28-35% of normal. >> dan: it will change eventually. thanks sandhya. >> cheryl: graphic war film opens tomorrow. the movie has been nominated for best film ghrold golden globes
6:49 pm
award. it was produced by angelina jolie. don sanchez has the review, on the aisle. >> it's a war story but it's also a love story. in this setting a doomed loved story, it is bosnia in 1992. he is a serb and she is a muslim. they find each other before the world explodes around them. >> he protects her. what they do to woman is almost unbearable to watch. >> let me one thing clear. they dubbed in english for these clips, the film is in serbian. it is a foreign language film.
6:50 pm
>> jolie stays mostly on target with a film with a powerful message, about two people with a war, always with doubt and inevitability. >> this film, bloody, grim, such inhumanity during war. its influenced by angelina jolie's concern about atrocities committed against women worldwide. this is not a feel good film. will you walk out feeling exhausted. i will give it three-quarters of a bucket. we'll see you on the aisle. >> dan: coming up next, a look what is next for warriors curry and ankle he keeps reinjuring. >> cheryl: more signs the raiders areyyyq"q"ccqcwcwqrycyj(
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honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? . >> dan: join me tonight 59 on kofy 206789 the indictment of a popular biologist. what they say she did was illegal. and mavericks competition at
6:54 pm
11:00. organizers explain how they are going to avoid a fiasco like the one we saw two years ago. >> cheryl: now let's go to sports. >> you don't make the playoffs, you know something is going to change given the raiders finished the season. changes were coming, especially on defense. coordinator is not going to be back. technically raiders are not saying he is firing but his contract will be allowed to run out on january 15th. also, not coming back, greg deeker and kevin roth. they thought they were going to have the best defensive units instead they were one of the worst, allowing 27 points per game. they also looking for a new gm. >> after three days off the 49ers back in the practice field doing something they have not done since training camp, offense against the first team defense. the goal is to prepare for
6:55 pm
plaintiffs game next saturday. vernon davis says he is going to stick around and watch the playoff games with many of his teammates. >> everyone knows new orleans, we have to go in that direction. we strongly believe they will take it. they are pretty good team. we can only prepare for them at the moment. >> great season up to this point. like i said, just have to do it like everybody else. meanwhile, more honors for the 49ers defense, alden smith was named rookie of the month. he racked up 6 and a half sacks and second time year he has taken home this honor. david akers first 49ers in history to be named special
6:56 pm
teams player of the month. he kicked 14 of 44 field goals last month. akers has been like a kicking machine this season. >> n.b.a., seven games, sacramento kings fired paul wespol and they elevated keith smarted. his feud with the center led to the change. smart spent one year and long time assistant gets a two-year contract from the kings. >> this is isn't like a coach likes to come in it but working with a great man while he was here, don't do anything stupid and rejected it. i want you to go coach it. with that said, i'm ready to go. i'm ready to get back on the bench and coach. very seldom you get an opportunity right away. only regret i have, under the
6:57 pm
circumstances of how it happened >> after seventh ankle sprain, warriors really are unsure how to proceed with stechb curry. he had rest and rehab, new shoe designs and keeps re-tweaking it. he is going to be checked by the doctors on saturday. they may have to rest him for a few weeks to let it heal up. that may be the only course of action. >> cheryl: larry, thank you. >> dan: that is this edition of abc news. >> cheryl: thanks so much for joining us. >> dan: we appreciate your time as always. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. [ female announcer ] there's surprising news about whole grain
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Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 528
Pixel height 480
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Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 1/6/2012